Lately, I have been working with aged wood and polished veneers.
I'm finding that creating shape and depth with these elements is really interesting and a new challenge.

Most exciting for me has been creating Mandala sculptures out of a variety of materials.
I've used split peas, toothpicks, BBQ sticks, chopsticks, paper, tinfoil, and just about anything else that has a neat-o shape and will take color well.
Overall, my eye likes the symmetry and repetition that Mandalas offer.
Not to mention, the symbology isn't half bad either.

The sculpture category is a hodge podge of other design challenges that I've come up with.
I find these "one-offs" interesting, as most are custom ordered and represent others' design aesthetic.
It isn't always easy bending what I want to what others are looking for but I enjoy attempting it. 
Please enjoy

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